Rapid advances in technology have revolutionised hunting and shooting, and SouthFort Labs is at the forefront of lightweight stock development and the carbon fibre wrapping of barrels. With the use of patented nanotechnology and modernised manufacturing processes, we are able to now bring unprecedented accuracy and dependability within reach for all hunters.


Carbon Fibre Stocks

Using patented nanotechnology our stocks are one-piece bladder moulded in an aluminium tool so they have double the rigidity of two-piece split stocks. Being made from one-piece carbon, there is no seam, so the integrity of the material is not compromised by two halves trying to shear apart creating a stronger stock.

Using the latest America’s cup technology and non-compressible lightweight foam, we have been able to produce a comfortably fitting, lightweight rigid stock that produces less felt recoil.

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Carbon Fibre Wrapped Barrels

The purpose of carbon fibre wrapping a barrel is to produce maximum rigidity with maximum weight saving, and we have been able to achieve this with a 22 - 25mm outside barrel diameter. The benefit to the hunter or shooter is: less felt recoil, multi-shot accuracy, total barrel protection from all atmospheric conditions, and a significant reduction in retained barrel heat (fire 60 shots and still touch the barrel). Using patented nanotechnology, our barrels are totally unique in the world.

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Other services we offer

• Latex bag design
• CAD design
• Laminating
• 3D scanning
• OEM manufacturing of carbon fibre parts